SEO Myths that you should Never Follow

It seems like everyone out here has become an SEO expert nowadays, right? You get to hear all manner of stories and misconceptions about search engine optimization until you’re even more confused on what to do. These myths and misconceptions continue to evolve every day and have become pervasive in one way or the other. If you’re thinking of coming up with an SEO strategy, beware of the following myths about SEO.

Myth 1: Having a Good Website will Drive Traffic to it

Well, the moment you hear this statement you start thinking of how you can find the best web designer to create and design you a good website. While having a good website is great and helpful in a way, you must still invest in SEO techniques to rank higher on search engines. You will never drive traffic to a website by coming up with a good design.

Myth 2: Link Building No Longer Works

The first thing you must understand is that it’s no longer possible to rank your website by buying fake links. Search engines still use links as a major factor when ranking websites. It still works but when only done the right way. Your focus should be on building links from real and relevant sources.

Myth 3 SEO is dead

This should have come first on our list. It’s the most common myth out here, and you’ll hear people talking about how things have changed. What do you think? Does it still work? If there’s time your business should invest in SEO is now. Search engines have more than two hundred ranking factors that they consider when ranking websites for specific keywords or search terms. Did you even know that your competitors are investing into SEO each day? That could be the reason they still remain ahead of your business.

Myth 4: Writing Lots of Content will increase my Rank

The core business of Google and other search engines is to show the most relevant and valuable search result for a specific search term. Do you know what this means for your content and blog posts? They first evaluate the available content for quality and relevancy. If you’re not providing relevant and high-quality content to users, there’s no way you’ll rank higher. Poor, irrelevant content never ranks. If you’re using keywords, they must be smartly inserted and flow seamlessly to make meaning in the content.

Myth 5: My Rankings will improve and increase naturally over time

There could be some truth in this statement. However, if you’re in a competitive industry or market, this will never happen. The age of your domain and domain name might contribute to your rankings, but this won’t place your business where it’s supposed to be. If you want to get to top search results on Google, you must invest in a solid SEO strategy. Never be tricked that there’s an amount of time that will get you higher on search engines. After implementing your SEO strategy and ranking well today, never get comfortable and settle. You’re in business, and there’s competition. Other competitors are always working to ensure you’re out of the throne.